Student Information Service

To provide the best information access to students, the Computer Center strives to maintain and develop services to help orient students to the various kinds of services available to them. To orient students, the Computer Center has developed sites such as information system, digital learning and teaching support system, campus news and internet service.

Information System

THU-NID Account System

The Computer Center has developed a single account system for all faculty and staff. With only 1 set of username and password (THU-NID), users can access all services and systems provided by the Computer Center. The THU-NID account is an IT service breakthrough. We are proud to say that Tunghai University is the first in offering such a seamless online experience for its users. With the THU-NID account system, users can utilize the wireless connection, log into the e-mail account, access the faculty or student information system and the e-learning platform with just 1 set of username and password!

On-campus IC Card

Starting from the first semester of the 97 academic year, we’ve given out over 18,000 on-campus IC cards to Tunghai students, faculty and staff. The IC card not only serves as an ID and library books check out card, but it also serves as an access card to 30 dormitories, and functions as an e-pass to the Computer Center. Off campus, IC card holders can also initiate the card and turn it into a Taichung Transit e-pass. Starting in the second semester of the 97 academic year, we’ve set up 24 information booths on campus to provide friendly campus maps, news and announcement updates for all users. Also, the Computer Center is planning to offer an e-purse function on the IC card, which will allow users to have the option of paying their low monetary value expenses via the e-purse function.

Student Information System

By integrating the data provided by various offices such as the Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Student Labor, Alumni Center and the Main Library, the system is able to provide personalized services to students’ various online requests and searches.

Scholarship Information

Via the scholarship information system, students can search for scholarship opportunities, fill out and submit online application forms, monitor the process of their applications. This system provides a simple and easy-to-use interface, so students could search for, monitor the progress and view their scholarship application results online.tMail E-mail System
Via the tMail system, the university has sent out important campus news. With each t-mail account, it has the capacity to store up to 300MB. Besides its basic function of receiving and sending out e-mail, the t-mail system also has anti-virus, anti-spam, POP3, e-mail backup functions to provide a more stable, reliable and efficient e-mail service to students, faculty and staff members.


The Computer Center utilizes SPAM SQR technology, to help prevent spam mail from attacking users’ e-mail accounts.

Anti-virus Software Download Website

The Computer Center offers users an anti-virus software download site. Users can visit the site to download the anti-virus software NOD32 to help safeguard the private information that is stored in their computers.

Personal Website and Online Hard Drive

For each faculty and staff there is a 200MB personal website/ online hard drive space for users to store his/her web pages or files. Via FTP, users can upload their latest web page or files to this space.


Digital Learning and Teaching Support

E-learning System

Starting in the 94 academic year, Tunghai is among the first to adopt and introduce the moodle free source technology to the campus and to offer an e-learning platform for faculty members and students. Within the e-learning platform, teachers can utilize the system to offer digital teaching materials, giving assignments online and set up online quizzes or online discussions.


tPortfolio provides a format for students to record their academic, and extracurricular activities during their college life in Tunghai. The tPortfolio enables students to upload relevant files to record and share their accomplishments and to express their feelings and thoughts online. It also serves as a great way to showcase their achievements and accomplishments and serves as a great stepping stone to present their talents to their prospective employer during their job seeking process. With the tPortfolio, students can utilize it as an online portfolio to upload their resume and relevant credentials and projects online.

Citrix System (Online Software Portal)

Via the CITRIX system, the Computer Center has integrated all learning related software applications and made them available. Hence, students can gain access to these software applications to meet their learning needs. The Citrix system has made accessing to software applications for students possible; it has also made the sharing of these learning tools and resources possible.

Notebook Computer Lending Website

The Teaching Excellence project has strived to provide instant access to wireless connection to all students. Hence, starting in the 94 academic year, the Computer Center has started lending out notebook computers to all students. In the 96 academic year, the Computer Center also increased the number of notebooks for check out from the original 48 notebooks to 100 notebooks. Starting in the 97 academic year, it is expected that the number of check out will reach 800.

Computer Lab Management Website

This website provides all the detailed information of the computer software and hardware that are provided in the computer labs. Also, via this site users can search for availability of the computer labs.


Campus News and Announcements

Tunghai News

Tunghai news is not only a vital part of the Tunghai homepage, but it also has its own website. With a team of professional news release writers and photographers, each day’s news coverage of the latest events in Tunghai are covered and posted on the page. It serves as a vital news source for interested readers from all over the web.

Online Announcement System

The online announcement system can be easily spotted on the Tunghai homepage. Each day, various activities and events are posted via this rolling online announcement. Various announcements can be found on this system and the variety ranges from administrative announcements, academic research announcements, to admission announcements and etc.

Campus SNG Website

Tunghai is well known for its scenic campus. The Computer Center teamed up with the 50th Anniversary Task Committee and had set up digital camcorders all over the campus to provide SNG shots of Tunghai’s scenic views. Via the SNG site, visitors and alumni from all over the world could enjoy the beautiful views of the campus.

Video on Demand System

The video on demand site has an upbeat and easy-to-use user interface. The site allows users from both the administrative and the teaching units to post videos online. By uploading original videos on this site, the author of the video can feel secure that their works’ copyright will be protected. Also, all the works on this site are download proof and could only be viewed online.

Protecting Intellectual Property Promotional Website

Tunghai has always dedicated itself in the promotion of respecting and following the intellectual property and copyrights regulations. Hence, Tunghai has had a series of activities to promote the awareness and importance of following intellectual property rights. Via this website, the computer center works along with the university to strengthen all students, faculty and staff’s awareness of computer software’s intellectual property and copyright issues.

University Affairs Administrative BBS Website

To serve as a channel for all students, faculty and staff to voice their concerns and to provide efficient solutions, the Computer Center has helped separate and establish a BBS site just for university affairs’ administration, while leaving the original Tunghai BBS intact. With the new separation of the BBS site just for administrative purpose, administrative related concerns could be more easily spotted and answered more efficiently online.


Internet Service

Campus Network Information Website

The campus network information website serves as a portal for finding all the information relevant to the campus network services. At this site, information such as graphs and charts of the network traffic volume could be found. Also, information such as the anti-virus policy, network of the dorms and wireless connection could be found here at the site.

Campus Wireless Broadband Network

As one the Teaching Excellence project’s main objectives, the Computer Center strives to provide wireless broadband network to all users on campus. Currently, all of the teaching areas and student dormitories have 100% access to wireless connection. Users can log into their THU-NID accounts to enjoy the convenience provided by the coverage of the wireless connection all over the campus.

Dormitory Network Website

This site serves as a portal for dormitory network. This site provides a place for students to fill out an online request for IP address and to make maintenance requests. If students have other relevant questions, they could also visit or call the Computer Center help desk.

Dormitory Network Traffic Information Website

To ensure the flow of the internet connectivity on campus, there is a maximum limit of 5GB per day for internet traffic allocated to the dormitory users. For those users who have exceeded this maximum volume, he or she will lose his/her access to internet connection for a week. This system is installed with an automatic detection system, which will track down these users and automatically lock and unlock their access to the internet. However, this does not apply to special IPs that are used for teaching, research or other academic related purposes.